How does Vocal work?

Create your story

Vocal’s best-in-class storytelling tools make it easy for creators of all kinds to produce beautiful, engaging rich-media content.

Share in a community

Share your stories on our communities to get discovered and connect with like-minded creators and readers.

Earn money

Earn money every time your story is read, compete in challenges for prizes, and receive tips from your fans.

It's that easy!

How you earn money on Vocal

Vocal is all about making it easy to earn. That's why we use Stripe to process your payments. It's secure, it's simple, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Earn money from reads every time your stories are read.


Collect one-off tips from your fans for a job well done.


Enter weekly challenges for the chance to win cash, experiences, and other prizes.

See how upgrading to Vocal+ can increase your earnings

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$10 Welcome bonus
Receive pledges from your readers
Vocal+ exclusive Challenges
Quick edit published stories
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"I was able to get nearly two million reads and earn $2,000 per month."
Jonathan Sim
Vocal creator since 2017
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